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Did You Know?

That Alyssa Milano was originally not going to play Phoebe Halliwell, The first episode was filmed with another actress Lori Rom, before the directors saw how well Alyssa suited the roll and Lori quit for a personal reason.

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  Season 5

A Witch's Tail Part 1 
A Witch's Tail Part 2 
Happily Ever After 
Siren Song 
Magic Wears A Mask 
The Eyes Have It 
Sympathy For The Demon 
A Witch In Time 
Daddy Dearest 
The Mummy's Tomb 
The Importance Of Being Phoebe 
Centennial Charmed 
Special Delivery
Baby's First Demon
Lucky Charmed
Cat House
Nyphs Just Wanna Have Fun
Sense and Sense Ability
Necromancing the Stone
Oh My Goddess Part 1

Oh My Goddess Part 2

Image from "Oh My Goddess" where the charmed ones get turned into Goddess's to save the world

  Season 6

Valhalley Of The Dolls (Part 1)
Valhalley Of The Dolls (Part 2)
Forget Me...Not
The Power Of Three Blondes
Love's A witch
My Three Witches 
Soul Survivor
Sword And The City
Little Monsters
Prince Charmed
Used Karma
I Dream Of Phoebe
The Legend Of Sleepy Halliwell
The Courtship Of Wyatt's Father

This image is taken from "Valhalley Of The Dolls" where the sisters become valkeries to save leo. 

  Season 7

A Call to Arms                                                                                 The Bare Witch Project                                                            Cheaper by the Coven                                        Charrrmed!                                                                                     Styx Feet Under                                                                                Once In a Blue Moon                                                           Someone to Witch Over Me                                                Charmed Noir                                                                          There's Something About Leo                                          Witchness Protection                                                           Ordinary Witches                                                                   Extreme Makeover World Edition                 Charmageddon                                                                           Carpe Demons                                                                            Show Ghouls                                                                                  The Seven Year Witch                                                                    Scry Hard                                                                                         Little Box Of Horrors                                                                            Freaky Phoebe                                                                                     Imaginary Friends                                                                                 Death Becomes Them                                                       Something Wicca This Way Goes

This picture is taken from something wicca this way goes where the sisters have vanquished zanku and are ready to start a new life from left to right Phoebe, Piper and Paige.