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This page is where you can get a glimpse at the sisters powers

If you do not have broadband this powers page may take a very very long time to load so i would advise minimising it and looking at another page while you are waiting.

Thanks Gemma xxx


Prue is telekinetic (see left) this means she can move thing with her mind, As her power grew she was able to astral project this means she could be in two places at once (see below). Astral Projection works by Prue thinking of a place and she would use her mind to be there in a solid spirit form. Her body that she is Astral Projecting from will go coma like until she wants to come back. 




Piper's power works by manipulation of cells this is called Temporal Stasis it means Piper can slow down the speed of a cell therefore, making  it stop in it's tracks or freeze (see right). After a while Piper started not only freezing one person but also everyone in the room, she could also freeze/unfeeze selected bodyparts at will. Piper's Power grew until she was able to blow anything up this helped with vanquishing it is called molecular combustion (See below).




Phoebe's first powers were premonitions of the future and seeing the past this helped in saving countless innocents(see left). As Phoebe's powers evolved she was able to levitate(see below) and once she had figured out how to use even fly short distances. She is also an empath which means she can read other people's feelings and she can channel power or powers and send for example fire balls in the opposite direction.    




Paige became a charmed one when Prue died she was at first unwilling to become a witch when she found out she had powers. Paige is half whitelighter (angel) and half witch. Paige's first power is telekenetic orbing which is like Prue's power except she has to call for the object and it orbs to her(see right). Paige's second power is orbing herself and other people where they want to go (look below). Paige's third power is juvenation where she can make herself look like who ever she likes(also see below). Paige can also heal but only by giving part of her power to Leo while he is healing. 




Leo is the charmed ones whitelighter(angel) he guides them as the power of three they are his charges. Leo's bosses are the elders the heads of all good magic. Leo has many powers as a whitelighter the one we see most often is orbing(see left). He also has the power of healing(see below 1) but he can't bring anyone back from the dead. Electricity generation is another power (see Below 2). He can levitate(see below 3) and Leo also has the power of thermodynamic generation where you can heat things up using heat energy you produced(see below 4) and finaly his last power is regeneration (see below 5). Leo can sence his charges and hear their call. Because he is a whitelighter he like paige has the power of juvenation as i explained above this is changing the way you look. 

   1. 2. 

 3.  4.



Cole is half demon, half human he first met the charmed ones on a court case as an their atturney, and while plotting Prue, Piper and Phoebes death he made it so phoebe would fall in love with him. He succeded a little too well he ended up falling in love with her as well which turned him good. They got married and he became the source of all evil which eventually led him too his death. Cole has the power to produce fireballs and energy balls (see below) and to shimmer (see right) he is an upper level demon.


Wyatt and Chris

Wyatt an chris are piper and leo's two children. The pictures of them as babies is present day and the ones of them as adults are from the future.


The Wyatt we see the most is Wyatt at the present his powers are very strong he can put up a force field to protect himself from evil, he can orb himself and objects and he can also bring a dragon to life out of a tv program and make a person from his dreams come to life (This is all before the age of two).


The chris we see most is the adult because he has come back in time to stop Wyatt from turning evil and destroying the world, his future and the future of the charmed ones depend on it. Chris' powers are telekenisis and Orbing. 

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