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Prue is the strongest and most independant of the charmed ones. She spent most of her time juggling work and her sisters. When her mother died she made it her job to look after her sisters as if she were their mother. She also believed every innocent was worth saving and made this the top of her priorites.   



Prue's main relationships were with Rodger, Andy and Jack (see above in that order). The other more memorable ones are Bane and Brendan.

Prue had two main jobs on the show they were at Bucklands Auction House and a Photo journalist at Four One Five magazine. 

Prue's Character is played by Shannon Doherty.


In Memory of Prue


Name: Prudence Halliwell

D.O.B: 28th October in 1970

Hair Colour: Very Dark Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Parents Name's: Patty Halliwell, Victor Bennett

Siblings: Piper Halliwell, Phoebe Halliwell and Paige Matthews (half sister) 

Power: Telekenisis and astral projection (see powers page)

Magically turned into: By going back to her past life she became P. Bowen and a warlock has turned her evil by marrige. Prue became by choice Ms. Hellfire a hit woman (none magically).

Picture Gallery Below

  Past Prue   Evil Prue   Future Prue 











Fact: Shannen Doherty was told she no longer worked for charmed one day when she turned up for rehersals